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Beekeepers in UK demand £8m for research into treatment against devastating viruses

Beekeepers have warned that most of the country’s honey bees could be wiped out by disease in 10 years unless an urgent research programme is launched to find new treatments and drugs. They are to launch a nationwide campaign, including … Continue reading

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Inishowen beekeepers buzzing about parasite treatment

An Inishowen beekeepers group are hoping an acid used to treat a parasite killing bees will soon be licensed in Ireland. Read more

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Beehives at risk: Iranian official says

Managing director of the Union of Beekeepers said that Varroa mites have infested 80% of the hives in Iran blaming the situation on the removal of subsidies on medicines to combat the pest thus making the drug unaffordable, Iran Daily … Continue reading

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Uganda: Bees Make Wonder Drug

Bees have given mankind unique products that scientists have failed to copy. Apart from honey and wax, bees also give something useful to health but human beings have ignored it. It is called propolis. Sometimes called bee glue, propolis is … Continue reading

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Insecure Mick Jagger used bees to ‘grow manhood’ in Peru

Mick Jagger reportedly tried to enlarge his penis by letting bees sting it. The Rolling Stones frontman, whose “small penis” was mocked by a former lover, covered his manhood in bees in the hope that their stings would cause it … Continue reading

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Using Spearmint And Lemongrass To Protect Bees From Mites That Threaten Hives

Bees swarm through the smoke as Professor James Amrine attempts to hook a pollen trap to one of the 20 beehives used for research at West Virginia University. The honeybees are part of an ongoing research project at WVU that … Continue reading

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Derma Sciences CEO Stresses Commitment to Manuka Honey for Wound Care

Derma Sciences Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of wound and skin care products, announced that Chairman, President and CEO Edward J. Quilty spoke at the April 20, 2007 annual meeting of Comvita LTD, a New Zealand based natural health products … Continue reading

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Cold cure is bee’s knees

There’s no cure for the common cold – or is there? Read more

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Vaccine zaps allergy in record time

Existing vaccines for allergies involve three to five years of regular injections with increasing amounts of allergen – the substance that triggers an allergy. Now researchers at the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) in Davos Platz have … Continue reading

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Honey the top hangover cure

A breakfast of toast and honey is the ideal New Year’s Day hangover cure, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry. Read more

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