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Bees force passenger jet into emergency landing

A passenger plane was forced to land after flying into a swarm of British bees. The Palmair Boeing 737, with 90 passengers on board, had to return to Bournemouth Airport in southern England shortly after take-off following an engine surge. … Continue reading

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Man smuggles grenade in pot of honey

Border guards in Kazakhstan have arrested a man for trying to smuggle a home-made grenade in a pot of honey, local media reported on Friday. Read more

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How to combat killer bees

Best advice if you’re caught in bee attack without your suit? Run and keep running. Enraged killer bees will give chase for about three football fields. Run farther. Read more

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Bag with honey and electronic gear shuts airport

A magazine editor’s bag containing video and audio recording equipment, honey, an oyster shell and seasoning rub was blamed for prompting officials to close Tallahassee’s airport for three hours and evacuate the terminal Monday. Read more

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