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Bees give the buzz about smells

Scientists at the University of Queensland’s brain institute have found through the study of honey bees that the brain has an advanced ability to isolate specific odours and recollect smells. Read more

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For bees, pollution makes no scents

Fuentes, whose study was published in the Journal of Atmospheric Environment, used mathematical models to estimate how far fragrance molecules could travel. Fuentes and his team concluded that scent trails traveled up to 1,200 meters in pre-industrial times. Today, those … Continue reading

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Air pollution disabling bees

Air pollution interferes with the ability of bees and other insects to follow the scent of flowers to their source, undermining the essential process of pollination, a study by three University of Virginia researchers suggests. Read more

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Bees to help sniff out quality wine

Scientists at the Queensland Brain Institute are using bees’ noses to help develop a machine that can smell the difference between a good and a bad wine. Read more

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Brainy bees sniff out flowers

Families flocked to see the latest animated hit Bee Movie, but scientists from the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) have long embraced the bee for very different reasons. Read more

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Bomb bees burnt to death

A Menikhinna resident’s abode where bees and wasps were reportedly trained to detect landmines, had been set on fire and thousands of these insects burnt to death, police said. The resident, Deeman Ananda has lodged a complaint to this effect, … Continue reading

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Sniffing out tuberculosis

We have heard about bees sniffing for land mines. Now they may be used to small tuberculosis. Read more

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Buzz is honeybees detect toxic chemicals

The buzz is honeybees could be useful to help soldiers detect toxic chemicals used in terror attacks or war. Read more

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U.S. Military not ready to rely on bees for explosives detection

An apparently unauthorized news release regarding the use of bees to detect certain explosives has drawn a rebuke from the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Read more

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Honeybees join the bomb squad

Here is another article about bees detecting bombs. I feel sorry for the bees though, when I see how they are strapped into a tube… Read more

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