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Self-pollinating almond trees developed

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are developing self-pollinating almond trees that can produce a bountiful harvest without insect pollination. Read more

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Propolis Extract Inhibits Vaginal Yeasts

Antifungal Activity of Propolis Extract Against Yeasts Isolated from Vaginal Exudates Read more

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Help researchers understand colony collapse disorder – beekeepers, fill out the USDA survey

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service, in conjunction with the Apiary Inspectors of America, is conducting a voluntary survey to determine the bee colony losses for the 2009/2010 winter. Read more

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‘Adoption’ scheme aims to help save honeybees

People who are concerned about the fate of the UK’s honeybees but who do not want to keep bees themselves can now get involved with efforts to protect them under an “adoption” scheme launched today. Read more

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Bees give the buzz about smells

Scientists at the University of Queensland’s brain institute have found through the study of honey bees that the brain has an advanced ability to isolate specific odours and recollect smells. Read more

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NASA and Beekeepers Use Satellites and Scales To Monitor Climate Change Impact on Bees

Weighing hives on Pine Branch to help compile a national “land use” map and see if bloom rates are different than they were in the past. Using the weights of hives, NASA researchers can see if climate patterns are changing, … Continue reading

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Propolis Boosts Cancer Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy

Epidemiologic findings strongly suggest that cancer rates are influenced by environmental factors that can be mitigated to a great extent, for example by a diet rich in polyphenolic/flavonoid compounds. Read more

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BBKA to fund a PhD project into investigating the genetic basis of hygienic behaviour in honeybees

The British Beekeepers’ Association, which represents more than 16,000 of the country’s amateur beekeepers, will give a £36,000 grant to support the work of a post graduate student over the next three years, in the prestigious Laboratory of Apiculture and … Continue reading

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Award-winning student is getting to the bottom of bees

Greenwich resident Eliza McNitt’s research into and documentary about this critical issue has already earned her both critical and academic praise and now she’s up for another honor. Her work has resulted in her being named one of six finalists … Continue reading

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Tualang Honey Has Potential To Be Used In Cancer Therapy

Tualang honey, mostly found in lowland rain forests of Peninsular Malaysia, has the potential to become a supplement for cancer therapy, especially breast cancer, said Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Prof Madya Dr Nik Soriani Yaacob. Read more

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