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Pollen Analysis can make Bee Keepers’ Honey Profits that Much Sweeter

Beekeepers have long known this fact and often move bee hives or time honey harvesting based upon which plants are in bloom. To help determine the source of the nectar many honey manufacturers and beekeepers have turned to pollen analysis … Continue reading

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Healing with bees and honey

The foods made by bees in the form of honey, pollen and propolis have played an important role in sustaining animals and mankind. These foods have provided complete nourishment to maintain life on the planet. Read more

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Bee Pollen – A Budget Friendly Food for Health and Healing

Bee pollen is often referred to as nature’s most complete food. Pollen harvested from a diverse selection of geographic areas contains all the essential components of life in a good tasting, chewable, easily digested, and highly bio-available form that can … Continue reading

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