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Researchers reveal how a queen bee’s perfume helps her hold sway in the hive

In an exciting revelation that has potential implications for the apicultural industry, as well as for brain research, University of Otago researchers have succeeded in unravelling one of the mysteries that surround the honey bee queen’s ability to control the … Continue reading

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Natural product to help honey bees

A new product can enhance and improve the performance of bees as pollinators, it is claimed. Read more

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Hive beetle disarms bees with their own pheromones

Even honeybees are vulnerable to hackers. Hives normally run a tight security detail, but the small hive beetle Aethina tumida still slips past the defences. How they do it has been a mystery since they were first discovered infesting hives … Continue reading

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Pheromone fun…

Brian Fuentes, an American baseball player, knew how to have some fun with a beekeeper buddy. It included some bee pheromone… Read more

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