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Bees’ sweet yearnings produce blue honey

No one is quite sure when. No one is quite sure where. And after decades of studying, experts still disagree on why. Read more

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No africanized honeybees In N.C. yet

Africanized honeybees have yet to reach North Carolina, according to a recent survey of honeybees by state experts. Read more

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Killer bees not found yet in North Carolina

North Carolina officials say Africanized honeybees, also known as killer bees, have not reached the state, according to a survey of honeybees by state experts released Friday. Read more

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Beehive grant program generates buzz

250 new beekeepers received free hives in North Carolina last year. North Carolina agriculture is dependent on bees for pollination, and supporters said honeybees accounted for $154 million each year in added agricultural produce within the state. Read more

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