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New York City beekeepers swarm City Hall to protest ban

New York City always buzzes with activity. It appears urban beekeeping is contributing. Read more

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Mpls. City Council legalizes beekeeping

The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously on Friday to pass an ordinance that legalizes beekeeping in Minneapolis. Read more

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Bill to legalize beekeeping would be a sweet deal for New York’s honey-making crowd

Beekeeping is officially illegal in New York – but that hasn’t stopped keepers around the city from practicing their hobby on the down-low. Read More

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City could soon allow backyard beekeeping

The bees are no longer buzzing at Jaquie Bunse’s Edmonds condo. Read More

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Iowa implements new rule to protect bee colonies

The Iowa Secretary of Agriculture says worldwide reports of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), where whole hives of bees just disappear, is alarming for Iowa where bees are vital to the state’s agricultural productivity. Read More

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European Parliament passes pesticides bill

The European Parliament voted Tuesday to tighten rules on the use of pesticides amid fears it is posing an increasing danger to human health and animals like the industrious honeybee. Read More

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Governor’s signings, vetoes mixed in California

Givernor vetoes against Napa County Democrat Noreen Evans’ bill that would have increased penalties for those who steal beehives in California. Read More

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Beekeeper can’t give away free honey

A Guelph beekeeper has been ordered by the Toronto Board of Health to stop giving out samples at his CNE booth, because the board says eating anything in the same area as animals is a public health risk. Read More

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Proposed legislation could hurt agriculture in New Zealand

Farmers, horticulturists and beekeepers are extremely concerned about proposed legislation that will threaten the billion dollar agricultural industry, they say. Read more

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New Rules to Protect Bees in Phoenix, AZ

The Valley has seen a lot of rain this year and with that rain has come swarms of bees. While bees pose a big danger, they are also a vital part of the food chain. Honey bee pollination is worth … Continue reading

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