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Use honey next time you light the grill

Don’t think of honey as just a superb sweetener. It also makes for greater grilling. Read more

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Derma Sciences CEO Stresses Commitment to Manuka Honey for Wound Care

Derma Sciences Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of wound and skin care products, announced that Chairman, President and CEO Edward J. Quilty spoke at the April 20, 2007 annual meeting of Comvita LTD, a New Zealand based natural health products … Continue reading

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Honey poised to be Africa’s flagship in Europe

Uganda’s honey could become Africa’s flagship product to Europe after a buyer from the European Union (EU) expressed interest in it. Read more

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China dumps contaminated honey in South Africa

Countless litres of Chinese honey already consumed in South Africa over the past four years were contaminated with a dangerous antibiotic suspected of causing liver cancer and a potentially fatal rare blood disorder, South African beekeepers have warned. Read more

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Honeydew honeys are better antioxidants than nectar honeys

A study of 36 Spanish honeys from different floral origins revealed that honeys generated by bees feeding on honeydew have greater antioxidant properties than those produced by bees feeding on nectar. Read more

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Honey the top hangover cure

A breakfast of toast and honey is the ideal New Year’s Day hangover cure, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry. Read more

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Honey treats most diseases in Yemen

Scores of medical studies have found that honey can help heal ulcers in the stomach and on the skin. It has also been found to ease diarrhea, insomnia, sunburn, and sore throats. Read more

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Honey researcher says increasing competition for manuka honey

New Zealand’s leading honey researcher says increasing pressure on manuka honey supplies could mean marginal and erosion-prone farmland is converted to plantations. Read more

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Chemists from Granada do research to guarantee honey quality and its geographical origin

At the beggining of November 2003, it was known that the European Union had banned the importation of Chinese honey. Health authorities decided so since it had a high pollutant substances content. Read more

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Blood, Sweat and Honey

Kuro5hin has an introduction to honey, what it is, and how it is produced. I guess most of the readers here won’t get any new knowledge, but since the article is well written it can be worth a look. Read … Continue reading

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