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Honey ‘could help fight cancer’

Honey and royal jelly could become part of the arsenal of weapons against cancer, researchers say. Read more

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Beekeeper admits selling toxic honey

A beekeeper has admitted four charges relating to the sale of toxic honeycomb which poisoned about 20 people. Read More

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Bee Propolis: Nature’s Healing Balm With Immune Boosting Properties

Bee propolis is a remarkable natural substance collected and produced by honeybees. It is often referred to as a natural antibiotic and has many diverse uses. Read More

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Bee sting-new treatment regimen for arthritis, multiple sclerosis

While most of us rush to the doctor if stung by a red coloured wasp, there are others who wait for the bee keeper to remove a live bee from its hive with a pair of tweezers, hold it next … Continue reading

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Allergic beekeeper starts treatment

A beekeeper with an allergy to bee stings is undergoing hospital treatment so he can continue his hobby. Read more

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N. Texas Honeybees Help People Fight Allergies

Beekeepers said just a teaspoon of locally harvested honey each day can produce results within a week. It relieves allergies by helping the body build up a natural immunity to local allergens. Read more

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Healing with bees and honey

The foods made by bees in the form of honey, pollen and propolis have played an important role in sustaining animals and mankind. These foods have provided complete nourishment to maintain life on the planet. Read more

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Apiary at Centre of Suspected Honey Poisoning

Apiary at Centre of Suspected Honey Poisoning Identified in New Zealand. Comb honey sold with the brand name “A Taste of Whangamata Pure Honey” and trading under Projen Apiaries is at the centre of the Coromandel suspected honey poisoning. Read … Continue reading

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Bee Pollen – A Budget Friendly Food for Health and Healing

Bee pollen is often referred to as nature’s most complete food. Pollen harvested from a diverse selection of geographic areas contains all the essential components of life in a good tasting, chewable, easily digested, and highly bio-available form that can … Continue reading

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Venom shots protect sting-allergic patients long-term

Treatment with venom from stinging insects can help protect allergic people from having severe reactions to these stings, even years after treatment ends, a new study shows. Read more

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