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Freeloading Honeybees

Blooming citrus trees provide good amounts of high-quality nectar. Thus, beekeepers like to locate their hives near groves when either honey production and/or a rest from pollinating duties is desired. However, most types of citrus don’t need any help from … Continue reading

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Calif. regs allow beekeeping near citrus groves

California growers of mandarin oranges are disappointed by a state agency’s proposed regulations that don’t force commercial bee hives to stay away from their groves. Read More

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California sets rules to resolve bee dispute

In an attempt to end a dispute between California’s beekeepers and citrus growers, the California Department of Food and Agriculture is coming out with rules to help both industries decide where bees should be located. Read More

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California: Mandarin Grower: “Don’t Blame the Bees”

A local grower responded to the growing debate between California tangerine growers and its nearby beekeepers. Recently, growers near Fresno said the bees have been trespassing, cross-pollinating between the seeded and seedless variety of citrus fruit in nearby orchards. Read … Continue reading

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