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Beijing Olympic poster with honeycomb design released

One of them with the subtitle: Honeycomb: “Every sacrifice gives you the pleasure of maturing” Read More

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Chinese honey now reported among import dangers

China is under fire for shipping to the U.S. honey tainted with a potentially life-threatening antibiotic as well as adulterating exports with sugar. Read more

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Safety stings China’s honey hives

For two years, Sun Baoli has been trying to clean up the dirty honey business here. He’s been met with nasty stings from bees, but those are nothing compared with the curses and punches from their keepers. Read more

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China dumps contaminated honey in South Africa

Countless litres of Chinese honey already consumed in South Africa over the past four years were contaminated with a dangerous antibiotic suspected of causing liver cancer and a potentially fatal rare blood disorder, South African beekeepers have warned. Read more

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Bee sting ‘cures pain’ in China

Seems like apitherapi is getting popular in China… Read more

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Six brands of honey taken off shelves

Six brands of honey have been ordered to be taken off shop shelves in Hong Kong after they were found to be contaminated with the banned antibiotic chloramphenicol. Read more

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