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New Honeybee Breed Key to Combating Colony Collapse Disorder

A British beekeeper has been working on creating a new strain of honeybee resistant to the varroa mite, a prime suspect in colony collapse disorder (CCD), and it looks like he’s hit a high note after 18 years of careful … Continue reading

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Support for Bangor University research on tough bees

Scientists hoping to breed bees resistant to disease and harsh Welsh weather say they have been inundated by offers of help. Read more

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Honey Bees Selected by ARS Toss Out Varroa Mites

Honey bees are now fighting back aggressively against Varroa mites, thanks to Agricultural Research Service (ARS) efforts to develop bees with a genetic trait that allows them to more easily find the mites and toss them out of the broodnest. … Continue reading

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Bee experts look at breeding-in varroa resistance

Nearly every agricultural crop or livestock line has been improved by cross-breeding, resulting in plants and animals that are disease- or insect-resistant and more productive. Read More

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Scientists breeding better bees

An enhanced-line honey bee stock developed by University of California, Davis bee breeder-geneticist Susan Cobey, that crosses her bee line “New World Carnolians” with “Old World” Carnolians from Germany, shows genetic promise in aiding the troubled bee industry, research reveals. … Continue reading

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Breeding better bees

Out-of-state researchers visit California to test bee health Read more

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Queen Rearing: A Beekeeper’s Primer

Many amateur apiarists are discovering that honey production is only part of the challenge and reward of keeping bees. Read more

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Researchers looking for better bees for pollination

Because honeybees that pollinate California’s gigantic almond crop and some other crops have been plagued by disease and poor performance, growers have been looking for a better bee. A company from England thinks it might have found it. Read more

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