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Video: Beeswax Bio-Booms Used in Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

Thousands of feet of bio-boom have been ordered to help clean up the Gulf and its maker is a company in Robinson Township. Read more

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Beeswax lights the way to success

Making fine candles is a delicate balance of science and art. The right wax has to be combined with the proper wick for the best burn. Colors have to match exactly from batch to batch. Even the fragrance and hue … Continue reading

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Russian beeswax inspires exhibition

Geophysical engineer Jale KuÅŸhan, who admired bee wax statue exhibition that she visited in Russia, learned that Turkey did not have a bee wax museum and decided to open the same exhibiton in the country. She spent all her money … Continue reading

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How is beeswax different from other waxes?

The term “wax” traditionally refers to the stuff that bees make their honeycombs out of, but it has come to mean pretty much anything that shares similar properties. Waxes include carnauba wax, which comes from a plant and is popular … Continue reading

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Beeswax from Spanish shipwreck found near Gold Beach

It was the amber luminescent glow of an egg-shaped object in the winter sun that grabbed Loretta LeGuee’s attention on the beach she had combed for years. Experts say it almost certainly is a chunk of beeswax from a Spanish … Continue reading

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Beehive Vase: Made by actual Bees

Designer Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny had the bright idea to make a bee shaped hive and then coax actual bees to colonize it by embossing wax sheets with a honeycomb pattern. Read more

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Beeswax lotion boosts dry hands

Here is another story of beesmax for skin care: “I just had to put in my two cents on dry, cracked hands. My father and I used to compare how many bandages we would be wearing each week because our … Continue reading

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Candle-making nuns know their beeswax

Orthodox Christian nuns from The Convent of the Meeting of the Lord make a living at Quiet Light Candles near Stanwood. Read more about this, and learn what negative ions has to do with beeswax candles. Read more

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