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Rasberry crazy ants attack beekeepers, big business in Texas

Deep in the heart of Dickinson, beekeeping has been Bill Whittington’s way of life since the days of Watergate. Read more

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Honey Bees Use Wings to Blow Away Invading Ants

Honeybees use their wings to ‘blow away’ marauding ants that venture too close to their nests. Read more

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Rasberry ant targets honeybees in South Texas

A species of ant that has ruined sewage pumps, fouled computers and made it difficult for homeowners to enjoy their yards has a new target: the honeybee. Read more

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Uganda: Black Ants a Threat to Bee Population, Honey Industry

A common type of black ants has been singled out as the most devastating pest to bees in Uganda. The insects commonly called munyeera in Luganda, nginingini in Luo, attack beehives, suck out the honey and kill the bee pupae … Continue reading

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