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How to combat killer bees

Best advice if you’re caught in bee attack without your suit? Run and keep running. Enraged killer bees will give chase for about three football fields. Run farther. Read more

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Africanized honey “killer” bee training

A bee suit and veil soon might be among the essential gear for Central Florida firefighters, as the population of Africanized honey “killer” bees keeps growing. Read more

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Man dies after 300 stings from Africanized bees

Exterminators have removed a hive containing an estimated quarter-million Africanized bees from a home near Bisbee where a man was fatally stung on Aug. 20. Read more

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Killer bees causing a buzz on airport

Killer bees are a very real problem at Tucson International Airport, where officials report the insects shows interest for the jet fuel. Read more

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USA: Firefighters learn to fight killer bees

Equipped with firefighting chemical foam and a beekeeper’s suit, with its goofy pith helmet and mesh veil, firefighters are ready to fight killer bees Read more

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