Swarm of 60,000 angry bees attack wheelchair-bound man and three others who try to save him

Thousands of angry bees attacked a man in a wheelchair, sending him and three others who came to his aid to hospital. The attack in the southern California city of Santa Ana also shut down a street and forced the evacuation of several businesses while beekeepers removed the hive, which was estimated to contain 60,000 bees.

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Uganda: Maffu Counts His Blessings Through Bees

IN 2003, Maffu started making his own hives and registered his business as Blessed Bee for Life Company. Through the company, Maffu has trained 600 farmers, who currently supply him with honey

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Man blows up beehive

Firefighters in Washington state said a beehive that exploded when covered in gas and ignited by a homeowner only damaged itself and its tree.

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Even low doses of insecticides put honeybees at risk

Scientists in France have discovered that honeybees are at a higher risk of dying from infection by Nosema ceranae (N. ceranae) when they are exposed to low doses of insecticides. The results, presented in the journal PLoS ONE, support the theory that combining more N. ceranae with a high pesticide content in beehives could contribute to colony depopulation.

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Bee Venom Acts Like Botox, Turns Back Time

Thanks to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, bee venom is becoming a popular organic alternative to skin rejuvenators such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Botox. Les mer

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Propolis Flavonoid Protects Against UV-Induced Skin Damage

Chrysin Protects Epidermal Keratinocytes from UVA- and UVB-Induced Damage
J Agric Food Chem, 2011 Jun 24

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Honey helps heal horses’ wounds, researchers find

A simple application of honey to horses’ leg wounds results in smaller wound sizes and faster healing time, University of Sydney researchers have found.

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Asian bee will devastate Australia’s honeybees

Scientists have predicted the spread of a wild and highly invasive species of bee across Australia, and being a natural carrier of the deadly varroa mite, will likely devastate current populations of farmed honeybees.

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UN report into mass honeybee deaths provides no simple solution

A recent Unep report fails to fully explain the crisis facing honeybees or address its underlying causes

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Another bee disease confirmed nationally

Beekeepers are resigned to having to manage another bee disease: hive testing has revealed the presence of Nosema ceranae in both the North and South islands.

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