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Accelerometer to Detect Bee Swarming

Bee keepers are often troubled by swarming, when the queen bee leaves her old hive and leaves only the weak bees behind, taking the stronger ones with her to a new hive. Read more

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Solar-powered beehive coolers increase yields

The Oregon Garden, in Silverton, recently reported a harvest of 300 pounds of honey from four first-year beehives, each of which is equipped with a solar-powered hive cooler. Read more

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In Poland, honey — once again — grows on trees

Perched in a lofty pine tree a dozen meters (around 30 feet) from the forest floor, Tomasz Dzierzanowski carefully removed a clump of dry grass from a hole in the wood and wafted smoke into a bees’ nest. Read more

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Rooftop Beekeeping: 6 Questions for Beginners

There’s a lot happening, Up On The Roof, these days, and keeping a few hives of bees up there fits right in. If your plan is to have an apiary in the air, before you get started there are some … Continue reading

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Bid to save Welsh bees stung by summer washout

WALES’ ailing honeybee population is being given artificial insemination after a second successive washout summer which has seen numbers fall to dangerously low levels. Read More

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Honeybees get a boost from supplement

Backyard beekeepers and commercial bee breeders alike are starting to offer their bees low-fat, high-protein “megabee patties” that help make up nutritional deficits. Commercially managed bees are nearly always used in monocrops situations, where they might be feeding on nothing … Continue reading

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Queen Rearing: A Beekeeper’s Primer

Many amateur apiarists are discovering that honey production is only part of the challenge and reward of keeping bees. Read more

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Alaska beekeepers work to preserve hives in winter

Honeybees aren’t built to survive winter’s subzero temperatures, but with a shortage of bees nationwide, more beekeepers are trying to nurture the fuzzy insects through Alaska’s most notorious season. With parasitic mites preying on the U.S. bee population, the price … Continue reading

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Beekeepers told to go for quality

Beekeeping extension officer in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Hussein Msuya, said last week that although Tanzania’s honey and beeswax has reliable market for honey abroad, the keeping and harvesting methods leaves much to be desired. Read more

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Remove the queen – get more honey

An inventor from Moscow has developed a brand new technology for commercial beekeeping. He suggests removing a queen bee from the hive, which allows cropping as mush as 20 kilos of the purest honey every month. Read more

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