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President of Chinese firm pleads guilty in ‘honey laundering’ case

The president of a Chinese honey company pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring to illegally import honey into the United States, part of a case that has cast a spotlight on “honey laundering,” the importation of falsely-labeled honey. Read more

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Iraq’s once-thriving honey industry battling to regain its buzz

Iraq’s once-flourishing honey industry is struggling to revive itself, hit by long-term environmental degradation and six years of unrest that followed the 2003 US-led invasion. Read more

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Propolis Bee Farm – A New Tourist Attraction In Penang

A propolis bee farm at the Penang Botanical Garden here not only produce quality honey for medicinal purpose but also drawing attention as a new tourism product, offering insight into bee breeding among visitors. Read more

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Antibacterial Activity of Malaysian Tualang Honey Comparable to Manuka

The Antibacterial Properties of Malaysian Tualang Honey Against Wound and Enteric Microorganisms in Comparison to Manuka Honey Read more

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Bees Boost Economy, Agriculture in Afghanistan

In an effort to increase agricultural productivity and boost economic capacity, 450 families throughout Afghanistan’s Panjshir province were supplied with training and materials to operate and manage their own honey production businesses. Read more

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Honey Sales up in Kuwait amid Swine Flu Fears

The lack of pharmaceuticals for treating swine flu has prompted Kuwaitis to return to traditional medicine. Read more

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Orissa tribals in India adopt beekeeping business

Tribals in Orissa’s Kaoraput district take to apiculture to earn a living. A non- governmental organization called ‘Sarvodaya Committee’ initiated the honey collection in 1955, aided by Orissa Khadi and Village industry board. Read more

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Silent Killer of Honey Bees in Kerala: Mobile Towers and Radiation

A new study the electromagnetic waves also known as EM waves pose a threat to the honey bees and an abrupt and drastic decrease in the bee population was observed in areas that had installed new cell phone towers. Update: … Continue reading

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Israel looks to West Bank beekeepers to meet honey demands

Two weeks ago, Erez Ben Sa’adon, a vintner, farmer and novice beekeeper, received a frantic phone call from the West Bank settlement of Eli. A swarm of bees had left its hive and was approaching one the settlement’s day-care centers. … Continue reading

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Japanese companies tour Alberta honey producer operations

Three businessmen from two Japanese companies, Sojitz Foods Corporation and Kato Brothers Honey Corporation, visited Alberta in mid-July to learn more about Alberta’s beekeeping and honey production industry. Read more

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