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Honeybee-killing mites invade Japan

The mites, known by the scientific name Acarapis woodi and measuring 0.1 millimeter long, were found having parasitized in bees’ airways, according to the investigation by Nagoya University and the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, based in Tsukuba, … Continue reading

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Bee Venom Therapy Becoming Popular in China

An ancient therapy which involves bees stinging patients to cure their ailments is causing a buzz in China. Read more

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As The Crow Flies, Tokyo Battles Avian Pest

For nearly a decade, the city of Tokyo has been waging war on its crows. Read more

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Tualang Honey Has Potential To Be Used In Cancer Therapy

Tualang honey, mostly found in lowland rain forests of Peninsular Malaysia, has the potential to become a supplement for cancer therapy, especially breast cancer, said Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Prof Madya Dr Nik Soriani Yaacob. Read more

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Soldier uses bees to get undue leave

Female soldier serving in south inflicts multiple bee stings on herself after her request to be restationed was denied. IDF authorities press charges; soldier gets 12 days in brig Read more

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How do bees land on the spot? Indian-origin scientist finds out

A study led by a scientist of Indian-origin has decoded the tricky art of landing by honey bees, a finding that can have huge implications in making better robot planes. Read more

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Australia to Export Propolis to Korea

MR Jing Bang Zou, proprietor of Jim’s Honey in Young, has signed an agreement in the boardroom of Lambing Flat Enterprises with representatives of Korean company, Kim Jeong Moon Aloe Co. Ltd. on Friday morning. Read more

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Enraged Bees in Gaza Used to Relieve Pain

In a novel method, a healer uses enraged bees to provide pain reliefin Gaza. Read more

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Apitherapy now in Madurai

The next time someone you know complains of joint pain, hot water bottles and medication need not be the only solution. Read more

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Kurdistan seeks to export honey

As beekeepers increase, so does the honey in Kurdistan’s market. Read more

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