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Propolis Can Be Used to Store Detached Teeth

The most critical factors affecting the prognosis of an avulsed tooth are extraoral dry time and storage media used before replantation. Studies have analyzed different storage media to determine the ideal solution to preserve periodontal ligament (PDL) cell viability. Read … Continue reading

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Ancient Egypt’s natural beauty tips ‘still work today’

Natural beauty recipes first written in Ancient Egypt millennia ago still have applications today, reports the Daily Mail. Read more

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Propolis Non-Toxic for Fish

Long-Term Effects of Propolis on Serum Biochemical Parameters of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Article in Press Read more

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Encapsulation may boost propolis use in foods

Encapsulating propolis – the waxy resin collected by honeybees – may allow its application to foods to be extended, allowing formulators to benefit from the health and food preservation properties of the ingredient, suggests a new study. Read more

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Video: Beeswax Bio-Booms Used in Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

Thousands of feet of bio-boom have been ordered to help clean up the Gulf and its maker is a company in Robinson Township. Read more

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How to make your own anti-microbial mouthwash and toothpaste

Should you make your own mouthwash or toothpaste from anti-microbial food products that are gentle on the teeth when diluted? Read more

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New, Natural MANUKAhoney® Medical-grade Manuka Honey Treats Multiple Medical Conditions

New MANUKAhoney® Medical-grade Manuka honey for health and wellness carries seal of Molan Gold Standard™. Seal is the internationally recognized certification of authentic Manuka honey. Read more

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Determining Water Content of Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Venom and Propolis

One of the most widely used techniques for water content determination in food is Karl Fischer (KF) titration. Compared to other methods based on loss of weight, the primary advantage of the Karl Fischer titration method is its high selectivity … Continue reading

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Secret of Stradivari violin varnish unlocked

After generations of craftsman sought to guess the secret of Stradivari violins, French scientists see the solution in a simple varnish. Read more

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Healthy Estonian Chocolate Bars Made with Pollen, Propolis, Honey

Estonia is known for its innovativeness and eagerness to adopt and invent new technologies. Yet the old and the traditional has not at all been forgotten… Read more

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