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Propolis Non-Toxic for Fish

Long-Term Effects of Propolis on Serum Biochemical Parameters of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Article in Press Read more

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Artificial bee eye gives insight into insects’ visual world

Despite their tiny brains, bees have remarkable navigation capabilities based on their vision. Now scientists have recreated a light-weight imaging system mimicking a honeybee’s field of view, which could change the way we build mobile robots and small flying vehicles. … Continue reading

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Insulin signaling key to caste development in bees

What makes a bee grow up to be a queen? Scientists have long pondered this mystery. Now, researchers in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University have fit a new piece into the puzzle of bee development. Their … Continue reading

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Even workers can produce queen bees!

Cape honeybee workers (Apis mellifera capensis) can produce a new queen at any time, new Australian research reveals. Read more

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Bees give the buzz about smells

Scientists at the University of Queensland’s brain institute have found through the study of honey bees that the brain has an advanced ability to isolate specific odours and recollect smells. Read more

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How do bees land on the spot? Indian-origin scientist finds out

A study led by a scientist of Indian-origin has decoded the tricky art of landing by honey bees, a finding that can have huge implications in making better robot planes. Read more

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Bees Release Deadly Odor That Shortens Sibling Lifespans

Here’s one way to get back at your sibling: Release a deadly odor. Honeybee researchers have discovered the first example of a pheromone that shortens the lifespan of other family members — in this case, older sisters. Read more

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Honeybee queens too conservative in the bedroom

Dr Bill Hughes, from the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds, said: “By making sure queens mate with enough genetically variable males, we may be able to boost resistance levels and so protect our honeybee populations from … Continue reading

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Honey-bee aggression study suggests nurture alters nature

A new study reveals that changes in gene expression in the brain of the honey bee in response to an immediate threat have much in common with more long-term and even evolutionary differences in honey-bee aggression. The findings lend support … Continue reading

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Researchers reveal how a queen bee’s perfume helps her hold sway in the hive

In an exciting revelation that has potential implications for the apicultural industry, as well as for brain research, University of Otago researchers have succeeded in unravelling one of the mysteries that surround the honey bee queen’s ability to control the … Continue reading

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