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Zombie flies threaten Northwest honeybees

Researcher finds bees infected in Oregon Read More

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Insecticides taking toll on honeybees

When I first wrote about the mysterious epidemic of honeybee mortality in early 2007, the phenomenon had just been termed colony collapse disorder, or CCD. Scientists were at a loss to explain why bees were wandering away from hives and … Continue reading

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Propolis Can Be Used to Store Detached Teeth

The most critical factors affecting the prognosis of an avulsed tooth are extraoral dry time and storage media used before replantation. Studies have analyzed different storage media to determine the ideal solution to preserve periodontal ligament (PDL) cell viability. Read … Continue reading

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Parasitic fly creates “zombie bees” — a new factor explaining Colony Collapse Disorder Learn more:

Researchers at a California university have found a parasitic fly which causes honeybees to become disoriented and abandon their hives before dying, behavior which made one of the researchers compare them to zombies. Read more

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700 Beehives Struck Down by Flood-Swollen Bulgarian River

Some 700 beehives were swept away by the swollen Maritsa River last week, according to Toshko Todorov from the district office of the Bulgarian Beekeeping Union. Read more

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Honeybees shown to speak directly to hornet

This species of bee has figured out a way to speak very clearly to their gravest threat, as the researchers describe in their paper published in Animal Behavior, by banding together and shaking their abdomens. Read more

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Goathland apiceutical research centre hope

An academic who has studied the medicinal properties of bees for 25 years is hoping to set up a global research centre near his home in Goathland. Read more

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GM honey must get EU thumbs up

Honey containing even small traces of pollen from GM plants must now receive prior EU authorisation before it can be sold as food, the European Court of Justice has ruled. Read more

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Obama Homebrews White House Honey Ale For Medal Of Honor Recipient

For his Wednesday evening beer summit with Medal of Honor winner Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, President Obama served up some of the White House’s own homebrewed Honey Ale. Les mer

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Once Underground, Local Beekeepers Hold a Honey Festival

In the 18 months since city health officials reversed a ban, New York City beekeeping has gone from an illegal activity to one so robust and celebrated that it’s getting its own festival. The First Annual New York City Honey … Continue reading

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