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Zombie honeybees discovered in Washington state

A novice beekeeper in Washington state said this week that he’s found evidence that a parasite which takes control of honeybees much like an imagined “zombie” virus is spreading into new areas, according to The Seattle Times. Read More

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Pesticides not yet proven guilty of causing honeybee declines

The impact of crop pesticides on honeybee colonies is unlikely to cause colony collapse, according to a paper in the journal Science. More research is now needed to predict the impact of widely-used agricultural insecticides, called neonicotinoids, on honeybee populations. … Continue reading

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Giant honeybee migration

Giant honey bees (Apis dorsata) of southern Asia are vital honey producers and pollinators of cultivated crops and wild plants. They are known to migrate seasonally up to 200 km. It has been assumed their migrations occur stepwise, with stops … Continue reading

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Cocaine Found in Cream, Honey Jars at Dulles Airport

The creativity of those trying to sneak drugs into the U.S. was on full display Saturday when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Dulles International Airport found cocaine inside double-walled jars of cream and honey. Read More

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Farmers accuse Madagascar mining giant of killing

A swath of farmland around a giant nickel and cobalt mine in Madagascar has been contaminated by pesticides that have wiped out local bee populations, a group of farmers claimed Tuesday. Read More

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Job Swapping Changes Honeybee DNA

Honeybees in a hive have fairly identical genes. The queen is the mother, a very few drones are the fathers, and those drones are closely related to each other anyway. But “epigenetic” changes in the DNA, those that switch genes … Continue reading

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Propolis an Effective Treatment for Gum Disease

Honeybee Propolis Extract in Periodontal Treatment: A Clinical and Microbiological Study of Propolis in Periodontal Treatment Read More

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Honeybees ‘hijack’ 3 planes at new airport terminal in India

Three aircraft, all of them parked at the new integrated terminal, were hijacked by honeybees on Monday, sending airline staff scurrying for cover and raising fears that the swanky new terminal could have turned into a happy nesting ground for … Continue reading

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UMF honey protection to tighten up in China

The protection of New Zealand’s lucrative UMF Honey exports to China has moved a step closer, with the signing this week of a memorandum of understanding between The Jiangsu Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the People’s Republic … Continue reading

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Buffalo State “Silence of the Bees”

Buffalo State College recently installed pollinator gardens on its campus in response to the continued threat of colony collapse disorder that we are seeing throughout the world. Read More

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