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Goathland apiceutical research centre hope

An academic who has studied the medicinal properties of bees for 25 years is hoping to set up a global research centre near his home in Goathland. Read more

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GM honey must get EU thumbs up

Honey containing even small traces of pollen from GM plants must now receive prior EU authorisation before it can be sold as food, the European Court of Justice has ruled. Read more

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Obama Homebrews White House Honey Ale For Medal Of Honor Recipient

For his Wednesday evening beer summit with Medal of Honor winner Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, President Obama served up some of the White House’s own homebrewed Honey Ale. Les mer

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Once Underground, Local Beekeepers Hold a Honey Festival

In the 18 months since city health officials reversed a ban, New York City beekeeping has gone from an illegal activity to one so robust and celebrated that it’s getting its own festival. The First Annual New York City Honey … Continue reading

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Swarm of 60,000 angry bees attack wheelchair-bound man and three others who try to save him

Thousands of angry bees attacked a man in a wheelchair, sending him and three others who came to his aid to hospital. The attack in the southern California city of Santa Ana also shut down a street and forced the … Continue reading

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Uganda: Maffu Counts His Blessings Through Bees

IN 2003, Maffu started making his own hives and registered his business as Blessed Bee for Life Company. Through the company, Maffu has trained 600 farmers, who currently supply him with honey Les mer

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Man blows up beehive

Firefighters in Washington state said a beehive that exploded when covered in gas and ignited by a homeowner only damaged itself and its tree. Les mer

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Even low doses of insecticides put honeybees at risk

Scientists in France have discovered that honeybees are at a higher risk of dying from infection by Nosema ceranae (N. ceranae) when they are exposed to low doses of insecticides. The results, presented in the journal PLoS ONE, support the … Continue reading

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Bee Venom Acts Like Botox, Turns Back Time

Thanks to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, bee venom is becoming a popular organic alternative to skin rejuvenators such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Botox. Les mer

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