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More bees survive despite UK’s harsh winter

The percentage of honeybee colonies which made it through this winter was slightly higher than last year despite the harsh conditions, the British Beekeepers’ Association said yesterday. But while there was a “small and encouraging improvement” in survival rates this … Continue reading

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Microbial team may be culprit in colony collapse disorder

New research from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) identifies a new potential cause for “Colony Collapse Disorder” in honeybees. A group of pathogens including a fungus and family of viruses may be working together to cause the decline. … Continue reading

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“Nicotine Bees” Population Restored With Neonicotinoids Ban

Following France and Germany, last year the Italian Agriculture Ministry suspended the use of a class of pesticides, nicotine-based neonicotinoids, as a “precautionary measure.” The compelling results – restored bee populations – prompted the government to uphold the ban. Read … Continue reading

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New, Natural MANUKAhoney® Medical-grade Manuka Honey Treats Multiple Medical Conditions

New MANUKAhoney® Medical-grade Manuka honey for health and wellness carries seal of Molan Gold Standard™. Seal is the internationally recognized certification of authentic Manuka honey. Read more

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Bees help farmers tell elephants: ‘Buzz off!’

Lore has it that elephants are afraid of mice, but scientists have now discovered that elephants are truly afraid of bees Read more

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Judge reverses ruling on bees

A Hollidaysburg resident has the right to raise honeybees in his backyard, a Blair County judge ruled Monday. Read more

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New iPhone Apps in 2010: HoneyBees! 1.0

A useful new app that teaches everything you need to know about honeybees has just been released for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. HoneyBees! 1.0 is a fascinating educational app that goes into the world of beekeeping and honeybees. … Continue reading

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