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State sets rules for ‘Wisconsin Certified Honey’ labels

On March 15, Gov. Jim Doyle signed Assembly Bill 575, establishing standards for products sold as honey and authorizing “Wisconsin Certified Honey” labels for pure honey produced in the state. Read more

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Honeybee-killing mites invade Japan

The mites, known by the scientific name Acarapis woodi and measuring 0.1 millimeter long, were found having parasitized in bees’ airways, according to the investigation by Nagoya University and the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, based in Tsukuba, … Continue reading

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Ohio Lost 70 Percent Of Bee Hives Over Winter

It was a tough winter for Ohio’s honeybees, and state agriculture officials estimate up to 70 percent of hives kept by beekeepers died. Read more

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Researchers embark on 3-year study of bees in North Dakota

A University of Minnesota-backed research team has embarked on a three-year, $500,000 study to determine how changing landscape in North Dakota’s prairie pothole region affects the health of bees and their ability to pollinate crops nationwide. Read more

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Propolis May Help Alleviate Symptoms of Diabetes

Biological Activities of Chinese Propolis and Brazilian Propolis on Streptozotocin-Induced Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Rats Read more

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Killer hornets could kill honeybees

Giants hornets attacking Gloucestershire’s honey bees could kill off its honey production industry. Read more

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White honey grows scarce as bees abandon Ethiopia’s parched peaks

Drought forces bees into valleys in search of flowers, meaning they produce yellow honey Read more

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New Manuka Honey Standard Reaches U.S.

Koru Naturals has received its first batch of Spirits Bay Manuka Honey tested for activity using the new assay and standards developed by Dr. Peter Molan. Read more

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Richard Marple’s beekeeping art collection opens Saturday at Chico Museum

A glimpse into the long history of beekeeping has landed at Chico Museum this month to stay through December. Read more

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Arizona bee swarms expected in larger numbers this year

Fire officials and beekeepers are seeing an increase in swarming bees this spring because of above-average rainfall and the spread of Africanized bees throughout Arizona. Read more

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