Honey Sterilization Possible at Lower Radiation Level

A 15 kGy dose of gamma radiation was found to be sufficient for complete microbial decontamination of honey including spores, thus improving its microbial safety without affecting the quality attributes.

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One Response to Honey Sterilization Possible at Lower Radiation Level

  1. ATM Zakaria says:

    Dear sire,

    With respect, I would like to ask for some help for sterilizing honey from clostridium botulinum bacterium more properly.

    I am a honey business man of Bangladesh. As honey contains C botulinum naturally therefore it is a great threat to any honey added food item producer.

    I have planned to manufacture a carbonated honey drinks this year. I am getting ready through investing huge money on this project but I am aware of C botulinum not to have them in my ultimate bottled honey drinks.

    I know that there is completely anaerobic condition within the bottle of carbonated beverage, which is favorable for the germination of C botulinum. Though pH (3.00) is acidic and not favorable for C botulinum growth. But I strictly want to remove C botulinum spores from the honey added drinks.

    So I planned to get a gamma irradiator in my honey industry to decontaminate honey so that there is no danger of getting Clostridium botulinum spores in honey.

    Now my question is, is a gamma irradiation system very costly? Or does it require highly skilled chemist to operate the gamma irradiator?

    If you help me providing this information, I will eternally be grateful to you.

    Kind regards,

    ATM Zakaria
    Proprietor: ATM Honey Industry