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UF research finds that ‘killer’ bees haven’t stung U.S. honey production

In just a few years after Africanized honey bees were introduced to Brazil in 1956, the aggressive bees had dominated and ruined domestic hives throughout South and Central America. According to University of Florida research, however, the same story isn’t … Continue reading

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Survey: Honeybee colony collapse losses declining

Fewer beekeepers are reporting evidence of a mysterious ailment that had been decimating the U.S. honeybee population. Read more

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Badly stung beekeeper comes round in a coffin after bumbling doctor says he’s dead

A beekeeper passed out after being stung…and woke up in a pitch-black closed coffin. Read more

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Propolis Boosts Cancer Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy

Epidemiologic findings strongly suggest that cancer rates are influenced by environmental factors that can be mitigated to a great extent, for example by a diet rich in polyphenolic/flavonoid compounds. Read more

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Burning beehive brings brigade

A burning beehive prompted a callout by the Alexandra Fire Brigade yesterday afternoon Beekeeper Russell Poole, of Alexandra, said he was burning a hive infected with the disease foulbrood. Read more

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Honeybee Population Decline and Its Devastating Effects Are Topic of ‘Vanishing of the Bees’

Bee Native, The Honeybee Conservancy and the Natural Resources Defense Council announce the creation of a February 4th fundraiser for “Vanishing of the Bees,” a new documentary that comprehensively demystifies the collapse of honeybee populations across the planet and its … Continue reading

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French roads to help honey bees

Paris – France is to sow nectar-bearing flowers on the sides of roads in an experiment aimed at helping the honey bee, hit by an alarming worldwide decline, the ministry of sustainable development said on Tuesday. Read more

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High sugar levels stopped honey export

Unnaturally high cane sugar levels were behind the New Zealand Food Safety Authority holding a $1 million honey order being exported from Timaru last month. Read more

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BBKA to fund a PhD project into investigating the genetic basis of hygienic behaviour in honeybees

The British Beekeepers’ Association, which represents more than 16,000 of the country’s amateur beekeepers, will give a £36,000 grant to support the work of a post graduate student over the next three years, in the prestigious Laboratory of Apiculture and … Continue reading

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Award-winning student is getting to the bottom of bees

Greenwich resident Eliza McNitt’s research into and documentary about this critical issue has already earned her both critical and academic praise and now she’s up for another honor. Her work has resulted in her being named one of six finalists … Continue reading

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