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Secret of Stradivari violin varnish unlocked

After generations of craftsman sought to guess the secret of Stradivari violins, French scientists see the solution in a simple varnish. Read more

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Healthy Estonian Chocolate Bars Made with Pollen, Propolis, Honey

Estonia is known for its innovativeness and eagerness to adopt and invent new technologies. Yet the old and the traditional has not at all been forgotten… Read more

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Bees Release Deadly Odor That Shortens Sibling Lifespans

Here’s one way to get back at your sibling: Release a deadly odor. Honeybee researchers have discovered the first example of a pheromone that shortens the lifespan of other family members — in this case, older sisters. Read more

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Propolis Protects Entire Bee Hive from Bacteria

Resin Collection and Social Immunity in Honey BeesEvolution, Volume 63 Issue 11, Pages 3016 – 3022 Read more

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