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Study: Diabetics May Use Honey as Sugar Substitute

The Glycemic and Peak Incremental Indices of Honey, Sucrose and Glucose in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Effects on C-Peptide Level – A Pilot Study Read more

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Outbreak of deadly bee mite ‘inevitable’

There is a very good reason why the honey produced by Australia’s bees is considered to be among the world’s cleanest and most delicious. Read more

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Hogle Zoo delighted with honey of a display and cast of thousands

Honeybees often get a bum rap as being a nuisance. But some local beekeepers say nothing could be further from the truth, which is why they are excited that Hogle Zoo now has three beehives on display. Read more

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Moldova will resume honey export to EU in 2010

The European Commission has decided Moldova will resume exporting honey to the EU in 2010, the Moldovan Economy Ministry announced, cited by RBC agency. Read more

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Propolis Kills Cancer Cells

In vitro Cytotoxic Effect of Brazilian Green Propolis on Human Laryngeal Epidermoid Carcinoma (HEp-2) Cells Read more

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Healer who refused traditional medicine died after treating infection with honey

A former nurse who turned to the world of alternative medicine was accused at the High Court of being responsible for the death of her ”soulmate” partner. Read more

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Can honey bees save the state budget? Tax exemptions eyed

Faced with a $2.6 billion operating budget deficit, Gov. Chris Gregoire says just about everything is being considered. Read more

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Propolis May Help Treat Ear Infection in Dogs

Antimicrobial Activity of Propolis Extract Against Staphylococcus coagulase Positive and Malassezia pachydermatis of Canine Otitis Read more

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Australia to Export Propolis to Korea

MR Jing Bang Zou, proprietor of Jim’s Honey in Young, has signed an agreement in the boardroom of Lambing Flat Enterprises with representatives of Korean company, Kim Jeong Moon Aloe Co. Ltd. on Friday morning. Read more

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Propolis Eliminates Bacteria in Root Canals

Effectiveness of Propolis and Calcium Hydroxide as a Short-Term Intracanal Medicament Against Enterococcus faecalis: A Laboratory Study Read more

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