Silent Killer of Honey Bees in Kerala: Mobile Towers and Radiation

A new study the electromagnetic waves also known as EM waves pose a threat to the honey bees and an abrupt and drastic decrease in the bee population was observed in areas that had installed new cell phone towers.

Update: In a comment I have been urged to remove this post since the research seems fishy. I admit id does sound fishy, and it probably conflict with earlier research. The research has been done by a researcher in a college in India, though, and thus I let the article stay. I can’t find any reference to this researcher other than that in the .edu domain. Read on with a critical mind :-)

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One Response to Silent Killer of Honey Bees in Kerala: Mobile Towers and Radiation

  1. Bud Dingler says:

    I would urge you to take down this post. Its highly likely this so called study is not peer reviewed and would not be supported by valid research.

    As a life long beekeeper I find this story to be crap. WHen cell towers were looked into following CCD it was found there was no link.

    Some unknown person claiming to be a researcher in India does not fit the bill as a credible bee researcher. These kinds of bogus news stories are recycled all over the web by bloggers and other folks who don’t know anything about bees. We’ll be living with this myth now for years.

    Seriously I urge you to remove this tabloid trash from your website.