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Busy researchers launch bee website

University of California researchers have launched a new website that’s all about bees. (There is an error in the link in the article.  This is the correct link. Read more

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Bees Boost Economy, Agriculture in Afghanistan

In an effort to increase agricultural productivity and boost economic capacity, 450 families throughout Afghanistan’s Panjshir province were supplied with training and materials to operate and manage their own honey production businesses. Read more

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NBA welcomes delay to honey imports

NBA in New Zealand welcomes delay to honey imports from Australia Read more

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Exclusive Manuka Honey from Your Own Beehive in New Zealand

For the first time, consumers can sign up and become partners in their own beehive – they collect the delicious produce, while Your Pure Honey does all the work. Read more

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Evidence on pesticides does not support ban to protect bees, claims NFU

The NFU has today called for an independent and comprehensive assessment of the impact of neonicotinoids after Buglife issued a report implicating these insecticides in the decline of our honey bees. Read more

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Propolis Induces Cancer Cell Death

Propolis from Turkey induces apoptosis through activating caspases in human breast carcinoma cell lines Read more

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Sex lives of honeybees may explain their decline, say researchers

Leeds University researchers are to investigate whether the worldwide decline in the number of honeybees is due to a lack of variety in their sex lives. Read more

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Honey Bees Use Wings to Blow Away Invading Ants

Honeybees use their wings to ‘blow away’ marauding ants that venture too close to their nests. Read more

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Apinews turning 1000 posts

Since its first post the 16th of July 2006, Apinews has delivered an average of 3 news about bees and beekeeping every day. Last week we started using Twitter, and now we post every news headline there too, giving a … Continue reading

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Honey Bees Turned Data Collectors Help Scientists Understand Climate Change

Thanks to an innovative project conceived by Wayne Esaias, a veteran oceanographer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. – bees have yet another role: that of climate data collectors. Read more

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