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‘Feed hives or lose them’ warning as bees starve to death in soaking summer

Beekeepers in Wales were yesterday warned to check their colonies after reports of bees starving to death in the relentless summer rain. Read more

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Honey ‘could help fight cancer’

Honey and royal jelly could become part of the arsenal of weapons against cancer, researchers say. Read more

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Researchers reveal how a queen bee’s perfume helps her hold sway in the hive

In an exciting revelation that has potential implications for the apicultural industry, as well as for brain research, University of Otago researchers have succeeded in unravelling one of the mysteries that surround the honey bee queen’s ability to control the … Continue reading

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Honeybees warn of risky flowers

Honeybees warn each other to steer clear of dangerous flowers where they might get killed by lurking predators. Read more

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Pollen Analysis can make Bee Keepers’ Honey Profits that Much Sweeter

Beekeepers have long known this fact and often move bee hives or time honey harvesting based upon which plants are in bloom. To help determine the source of the nectar many honey manufacturers and beekeepers have turned to pollen analysis … Continue reading

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Honeybees in Scotland face new threat from foulbrood disease

Scotland’s honeybees are under attack from a new disease, government officials have confirmed. Read more

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Bees face another killer: selenium

Selenium, a potent toxin, is showing up in alarming concentrations in the pollen and nectar of two plants common in California’s Central Valley, according to a new study. Read more

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Florida sets purity standards for honey

Florida is the first state to regulate honey, prohibiting additives and chemicals as well as requiring specific sugar levels. Read more

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New law makes beekeeping all the buzz in Minneapolis

Beekeeping is now legal in Minneapolis, after being banned for more than three decades. The change has beekeepers rejoicing – cautiously. Read more

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New design on Apinews

Today I changed the design of Apinews. Although I liked the old design, I felt it started to get outdated. You can see the old design in the picture to the right. Feel free to comment the design change. I’m … Continue reading

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