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Making sweet money from bees

The margins on resale of goods, especially those which are imported, are narrowing. Many Ugandans involved in trade are feeling the pinch as would-be buyers of imported goods look for alternatives or postpone consumption where possible, to wait for the … Continue reading

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Pathogen Loads Higher in Bee Colonies Suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder

A higher total load of pathogens—viruses, bacteria and fungi—appears to have the strongest link with Colony Collapse Disorder found so far, according to a new study published by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and university scientists. Read more

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Israel looks to West Bank beekeepers to meet honey demands

Two weeks ago, Erez Ben Sa’adon, a vintner, farmer and novice beekeeper, received a frantic phone call from the West Bank settlement of Eli. A swarm of bees had left its hive and was approaching one the settlement’s day-care centers. … Continue reading

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Nearly half of state’s beehives have dangerous infection

The bacterium that causes American foulbrood, a disease that kills honeybee larva, has been found in nearly half of all registered beehives in Connecticut. Read more

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Rasberry ant targets honeybees in South Texas

A species of ant that has ruined sewage pumps, fouled computers and made it difficult for homeowners to enjoy their yards has a new target: the honeybee. Read more

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Free honey offer popular in Utah

A program in a Utah County town that gives residents free honey in exchange for hosting beehives has become so popular there is a waiting list. Read more

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New plastic beehive designed to encourage honey-making in the city

Bees might not exactly be the first choice of pet for city dwellers but Natural England, the Government’s conservation agency, is hoping to attract thousands of urbanites to the art of beekeeping. Read more

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Making a beeline to save honeybees

Urban householders are being urged to consider keeping bees in their gardens, rooftops or even balconies to help protect declining honeybee populations. Skip related content Read more

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Vaccine Could Protect Bees From Colony Collapse Disorder

The Israeli company Beeologics has developed a vaccine that may solve the disturbing problem of Colony Collapse Disorder, in which entire bee populations have been wiped out across the world. Read more

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Japanese companies tour Alberta honey producer operations

Three businessmen from two Japanese companies, Sojitz Foods Corporation and Kato Brothers Honey Corporation, visited Alberta in mid-July to learn more about Alberta’s beekeeping and honey production industry. Read more

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