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Planet Green Launches ‘Reel Impact’ Documentary Block

“Reel Impact” Airs Saturdays 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET, Starting Sept. 12th with The Last Beekeeper Read more

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Colony Collapse Disorder Research Is (Finally) Gearing Up

A year later, here’s how $4.1 million in new federal honey bee research money is being spent. Read more

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Calcium — the secret to honeybees’ memory

Long-term memory formation in honeybees is instigated by a calcium ion cascade. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Biology have shown that calcium acts as a switch between short- and long-term storage of learned information. Read more

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Uganda: Honey Production to Start in Park

Members of Alpine Honey Producers have signed an agreement with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to allow them start bee-keeping in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Read more

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Rwanda: Honey – Country Targets International Market

According to RARDA, the national demand for honey will increase from 1,600 tonnes in 2006 to 13,800 tonnes by 2020. Read more

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Bee-Killing Parasite Genome Sequenced

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have sequenced the genome of a parasite that can kill honey bees. Nosema ceranae is one of many pathogens suspected of contributing to the current bee population decline, termed colony collapse disorder (CCD). Read more

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Can We Count on Native Bees to Replace Honeybees?

Counting sheep might put you to sleep, but counting bees is exciting work, say the ecologists organizing a nationwide citizen science project to survey the nation’s bees. Read more

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Kenya honey heads to Europe

Kenyan bee farmers will begin exporting honey to the European market in the next two weeks, following the commissioning of new testing equipment at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Read more

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Forestry Tas Bullying Beekeepers Over Leatherwood

The Tasmanian Greens today accused Forestry Tasmania of attempting to bully Tasmanian beekeepers into silence over the ongoing destruction of Tasmania’s unique Leatherwood resource. Read more

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Bees’ sweet yearnings produce blue honey

No one is quite sure when. No one is quite sure where. And after decades of studying, experts still disagree on why. Read more

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