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Complexity of honey makes it more than just a sweetene

It hardly seems adequate to call honey a sweetener. It’s a complex and varied natural product that tastes of its origins in the same way that wines taste of the places their grapes were grown. That means honey can add … Continue reading

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Man murdered beekeeper for his honey

An Australian man was convicted Wednesday of murdering a fellow beekeeper so he could steal 40,000 Australian dollars ($27,880) worth of honey and has been sentenced to life in prison. Read More

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Honeybees might be back after mysterious die-off

New Jersey officials say there are signs the state’s honeybees may be doing better after years of a mysterious die-off. Read More

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Bee college is all the buzz in St. Augustine

Barehanded, David Barnes lifted off the top of a wooden beehive and eased out one of half-a-dozen frames loaded with honey bees as several dozen people edged in closer around him during the first day of the University of Florida’s … Continue reading

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Wild bees can be effective pollinators

Over the past few years, honey bee keepers have experienced problems due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which has hurt honey bee populations, causing some growers of fruits, nuts and vegetables to wonder how their crops will be pollinated in … Continue reading

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Some answers to the disappearing honeybee problem

In an article for Scientific American, two scientists who are working on the causes of colony collapse disorder (CCD) say that they and other researchers have made some progress in determining what’s killing all of those bees. Read More

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An Addition To Michelle Obama’s White House Garden: Honey Bees

The organic vegetable garden on the South Lawn will also feature two bee hives. See the garden plan! Read More

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As Alberta job losses mount, hope still resides in niche industries

Once the golden goose of the Canadian economy, Alberta is now shedding jobs like feathers, but those on the front lines of niche industries say the work is still there. Read More

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Bees and ants ‘operate in teams’

Bees and ants are true team players unlike other creatures who seek safety in numbers for selfish reasons, according to researchers. Read More

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Pollinating Apple Trees Without Bees

Everybody has heard about the declining number of bees in the world. Weather it has to do with using insecticides, no natural areas for them, or there is a virus going around that is killing many of these bees. Read … Continue reading

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