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Banning insecticides won’t save British bees

Reversing the honeybee’s population decline is a complex matter, and stopping the use of neonicotinoid insecticides until they are shown to be safe to honeybees, part of a Co-op initiative, is over-reacting, according to the BCPC. Read More

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Funding needed to halt decline in honey bee populations

Bee keepers in Northern Ireland, ought to have more research funds from Department of Agriculture, to help combat the decline in bees relied on for crop and fruit pollination and honey production, according to Tom Elliott UUP MLA. Read More

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Bad Bees of Brazil

Eleven African queen bees and swarms of half-African drones and workers escaped from a Sao Paulo laboratory in 1957, and Brazil has been pained about it ever since. Read More

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Is your manuka honey really worth the money?

Over the past few years, manuka honey from New Zealand has earned a reputation as a bit of a wonder treatment. Read More

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Search on for varroa tolerant bees

While southern beekeepers in New Zealand are on full alert for the arrival of the devastating varroa mite in their bee colonies, one specialist Mosgiel bee breeder is searching for a strain of bees with a natural resistance to the … Continue reading

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Honibe makes honey available wherever you are

If you’re the kind of person who loves honey as your choice of sweetener — you’re gonna love “Honibe” (, the world’s first pure non-sticky honey in a solid drop you can carry with you Read More

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New insight into how bees see

Dr Dyer is one of Australia’s leading bee experts and his latest research shows that honeybees can learn to recognise human faces even when seen from different viewpoints Read More

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Uganda: Honey Production – Country Yet to Fully Realise Potential

Uganda has a production potential of over 500,000 metric tonnes of honey annually, but produces only 5,000 metric tonnes Read More

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