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Namibia: Registration of Bee Projects

Beekeepers in the Kavango Region should register their projects so that they can be provided with the necessary support and assistance on beekeeping. Read More

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Young People Urged to go into Beekeeping

Young people in St. Elizabeth are being urged to get into beekeeping, to satisfy the huge local and international demand for honey and other bee by-products. Read More

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Mobile version of Apinews

Apinews has now become mobile aware.  If you browse Apinews with a common mobile browser (including ones from mobile phones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and iPhone), you will get a mobile adapted version of Apinews. Be aware though, that the … Continue reading

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Answer to bee crisis: amateur beekeepers?

Beekeeping has been dubbed “farming for intellectuals.” The layered hives, the sociology of the insects and their intriguing life patterns have long provided an obsession for anyone disposed to backyard science. Read More

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Cartersville apiarist traces ancestors’ interest in beekeeping back to 1488

Since childhood, Victor Halbgewachs knew the practice of beekeeping was in his genes, but he never imagined it dated back 14 generations. Read More

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Get a natural buzz from organic honey drinks

Organic honey sounds like the ideal sidekick for tea or a foil for a sore throat. Turns out, it’s pretty decent as a drink, too. Read More

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Colony Collapse Disorder Showing Up Again in East Coast Hives

Early reports of a healthy bee population for the California almond pollination were overly optimistic. The situation has worsened dramatically. Read More

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Tanzania: ‘Stone-Age’ Tribe Going for Honey

The hunter-gatherer Hadzabe tribe, who subsist on honey and other foodstuffs from the wild, will be assisted in the production of honey. Read More

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Iowa implements new rule to protect bee colonies

The Iowa Secretary of Agriculture says worldwide reports of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), where whole hives of bees just disappear, is alarming for Iowa where bees are vital to the state’s agricultural productivity. Read More

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Beekeeper charged over honey poisoning

A beekeeper has been charged with selling food unfit for human consumption after his toxic honey allegedly caused convulsions and violent seizures. Read More

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