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California sets rules to resolve bee dispute

In an attempt to end a dispute between California’s beekeepers and citrus growers, the California Department of Food and Agriculture is coming out with rules to help both industries decide where bees should be located. Read More

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90 percent of decrease in the production of Honey in the province Khorasan Razavi in Iran

Honey production in the province Khorasan Razavi is reduced by 90 percent because of drought. Read More

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Bayer Funding of Beekeepers’ Association Draws Controversy

Bayer’s role (or lack thereof — the science jury is still out) in the mass death of bees just keeps making news. The annual meeting of the British Beekeepers Association became contentious over a vote on whether the BBKA should … Continue reading

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Farmers may face beehive fees in NZ

At present farmers don’t pay for pollination, but if honey prices remain flat while the number of wild bees diminishes, apiarists may have to charge for their hive services, says Marlborough apiarist Darren Clifford. Read More

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Beekeepers fear sting of imported Australian hives

Beekeepers who are battling a mysterious ailment that led to the disappearance of millions of honeybees now fear the sting of imported Australian bees that they worry could outcompete their hives and might carry a deadly parasite unseen in the … Continue reading

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Beekeepers urged to report losses

Those loss reports are important, said Eric Mussen, because without documentation, the EPA, which registers pesticides, may not realize the products’ effect on bees. Without the reports, said Mussen, there is no way for the agency to know their testing … Continue reading

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Soap. Is it needed for honey laundering? Watch those labels.

“”It changed even more Saturday night,” he said, “when some friends came over. They brought a small honey gift, and as we sat down to eat we decided to try it. One of our friends tried the gift on some … Continue reading

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European Parliament passes pesticides bill

The European Parliament voted Tuesday to tighten rules on the use of pesticides amid fears it is posing an increasing danger to human health and animals like the industrious honeybee. Read More

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California: Mandarin Grower: “Don’t Blame the Bees”

A local grower responded to the growing debate between California tangerine growers and its nearby beekeepers. Recently, growers near Fresno said the bees have been trespassing, cross-pollinating between the seeded and seedless variety of citrus fruit in nearby orchards. Read … Continue reading

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Is organic honey a myth?

As part of its in-depth honey expose (I’m not joking – the series is called Honey Laundering), they reason that it is very difficult to certify honey as organic, as bees of course, have a wide foraging zone, which may … Continue reading

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