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Tainted Chinese honey renews calls for country-of-origin labeling

California honey producers are petitioning the government to include honey in so-called “country-of-origin” label requirements so consumers know where the jars of sweet stuff came from. Read More

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The Advantages of Burning Pure Beeswax Candles in Your Home

Candles are popular for a variety of reasons: they add aroma to your home; they are warm and inviting, and they create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. That’s why the candle industry has enjoyed a surge in sales, reaching $2 billion … Continue reading

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Co-op bans use of pesticides in bid to save bees

The supermarket chain Co-op has banned foods grown using pesticides that harm honey bees. Read More

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A honeybee tells two from three

Honeybees know a thing or two, or three. Even when tricky scientists make those things look different. Read More

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Honeybees can recognise a face

New research from Monash University bee researcher Adrian Dyer could lead to improved artificial intelligence systems and computer programs for facial recognition. Read More

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Bee experts argue over link between imports and disease

While the sound of bees is stifled for the winter season in New Jersey, beekeepers across the nation are buzzing about foreign bees coming into the country. Read More

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German Scientists Say Pest-Fighting Bees Could Protect Crops

German scientists believe that honey bees could be used to protect crops from pests such as caterpillars, a finding that could eliminate the necessity for potentially harmful insecticides. Read More

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The young bee crusaders: Helping to save the honey bees

“Dear Bee Scientists,” wrote 6-year-old Katie Brown of Phoenix, Ariz. “I am giving this money to you so you can help the bees. I love the bees.” Read More

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Dog Can Save Bees By Sniffing Out Deadly Bacteria

Klinker keeps honeybees healthy by sniffing out a disease before it can wipe out whole colonies of bees. Read More

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UK gov stumps £4.3m bee health funding

The environment secretary Hilary Benn today announced an extra £4.3m “to safeguard and undertake more research into the health of bees”. Read More

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