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India: Money beyond honey

Honeybees are no longer just reared for their honey but for boosting crop yield in a big way through cross pollination. Read More

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Tiny Radio Tags Offer Rare Glimpse into Bees’ Universe

What’s causing the unprecedented decline of millions of honeybees? This mystery has been vexing some of the world’s best scientists ever since U.S. beekeepers began noticing enormous numbers of their bees dying off or vanishing for no apparent reason several … Continue reading

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Bees Essential for Biodiesel

Pollinators are vital to agriculture yet are often taken for granted. The number of pollinators has been steadily declining, a dismal prospect that could have unexpected consequences for oilseed crop production and bioenergy as a whole. Read More

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Varroa mite target of island experiment

Millions of bees on Great Mercury Island are giving a good buzz for beekeepers and New Zealand’s horticultural and agricultural industries. Read More

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Fewer bees, but still enough pollination

An international study of the number of bees and other pollinators has found that, so far, their worldwide decline isn’t limiting crop yields. Read More

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More varroa mites found in Hilo

Crews from the state Department of Agriculture found two new sites with varroa mites, a potentially damaging pest to the local honey industry. Read More

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Is Colony Collapse Disorder For Real?

The Long History of Honey Bee Scares Read More

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International Pollinator Conference Highlights Importance of Bees

Numbers of bees, birds and other pollinating animals are declining, posing a threat to the survival of thousands of plants used for food, fibers and medicines, according to scientists and government officials at the eighth annual international conference of the … Continue reading

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Firm sweetens bee study with £100k

Oxfordshire firm Rowse Honey has put up £100,000 for research into why there is a worldwide shortage of honey bees and into the diseases which are killing them. Read More

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British beekeepers seek help to save honeybees

Beekeepers swarmed Parliament and the prime minister’s office on Wednesday, demanding more funds for research after the number of Britain’s honey bees dropped by nearly a third in the past year. Read More

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