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Bee experts look at breeding-in varroa resistance

Nearly every agricultural crop or livestock line has been improved by cross-breeding, resulting in plants and animals that are disease- or insect-resistant and more productive. Read More

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Uganda: Agribusiness

You have to feed hens to give you eggs and you need enough fodder for a cow to yield milk. But for bees it is a total contrast. Read More

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Deciphering honeybee dances and stock market swings

What do dancing honeybees and stock markets have in common? At first glance, not much. But both are complicated dynamic systems that are extremely difficult to model — until now. An MIT graduate student has developed a methodology for automatically … Continue reading

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The Simpsons Take on Colony Collapse Disorder of Bees

Buzz up! Pint-sized eco-pixie Lisa Simpson already won TDG’s “Heart of Green” award last year for her star turn in the blockbuster The Simpsons Movie. Last night, lovable, do-gooding Lisa wears a beard of bees and campaigns against a greedy … Continue reading

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Scientist cuts ties with manuka honey organisation

The scientist who developed the system for measuring the anti-bacterial properties in manuka honey has severed his ties with the organisation that administers it. Read More

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Europe to Create Protected Areas for Endangered Bees

In an effort to protect dwindling bee populations, the European Parliament has overwhelmingly approved of the creation of special “recovery zones.” Read More

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Daily hit of honey good for you, beekeepers hear

A spoonful of honey brings metabolic stressors down and with it the chances of developing diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis, says a leading honey researcher. Read More

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