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Nicotine-Based Pesticide May Explain Bee Colony Collapse

Hackenberg says a report from Minnesota this week found corn syrup fed to honeybees contained eight parts per billion of neonicotinoids. Read More

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Global bee population decline not nearly as bad as it seems

The global decline of bee populations is said to have dramatic consequences for our food production. Research now shows that agriculture is largely unaffected by this phenomenon. Read More

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End of European Embargo Gives Brazil Honey Exports a Boost

Honey exports from Brazil have bounced back from the falling figures observed in July and August this year. The result for the month of September reached US$ 4.9 million. The volume is four times greater than that seen in the … Continue reading

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British bee crisis will halt honey supply ‘in six weeks’

Home-produced honey could run out by Christmas because of a fall in the UK bee population, experts have warned. Read More

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Lack of gov’t support bugs beekeeping industry in The Phillipines

Lack of government focus into the The Phillipine’s beekeeping industry hinders the development of what can be regarded as a key to food security and environmental conservation. Read More

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New Zealand not allowing new poison for bee mites

An environmental regulator which controls hazardous substances has knocked back a chemical company’s bid to import an organophosphate poison to kill varroa mites in beehives. Read More

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Serious Cheese: Pairing Cheese and Honey

Lots of sweet things go really well with cheese: wine, sake, quince, apples, but there is something special about drizzling a bit of, say, chestnut honey on a wedge of Tumbleweed cheese. Some cheeses and honeys do work better than … Continue reading

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Nanocoating Protects Beehives

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. announced today that the Company has launched a new patented product for the agricultural market which has been proven to provide a solution to the growing crisis that threatens 15 billion dollars worth of crops in the … Continue reading

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Aerial spraying to combat post-hurricane mosquito problem begins in Louisiana

The timing of the application should minimize danger to bees. However, beekeepers in the area should stay informed of daily schedule changes in order to take appropriate measures to protect their hives. Read More

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Antioxidants boost blueberry demand

Growers frequently hire beekeepers to bring in honeybee hives to improve the cross-pollination they would get if they just relied on wild bees. Read More

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