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Brazil Becomes World’s 5th Largest Honey Exporter

Honey exports from Brazil totaled US$ 18.2 million in the first half of 2008, representing growth of 70% over the same period last year. The sum placed Brazil in the fifth position in the wortld exporter ranking. The figures were … Continue reading

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Bees can be wiped out in UK in 10 years

Beekeepers in the United Kingdom have warned that the country’s honeybee population could be all but wiped out within 10 years, unless the government allocates £8 million ($16 million) to fund research into identifying and eliminating threats to the industry. … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka hoping to export kitul honey to Japan

Ministry of Rural Development and Self Employment Promotions has taken steps to export Kitul honey to Japan under its national program. Read More

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Zambia beekeepers double production

20,000 Zambian bee farmers expect to double their annual production upon the coming into being of a new policy. The Centre for International Forestry Research is collaborating with African governments to come up with policies to guide the production, packaging … Continue reading

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Varroa in N. Canterbury NZ

MAF Biosecurity has confirmed varroa bee mite in hives outside of the current South Island controlled area. Read More

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Bee-rating in the land of milk and honey

She isn’t your standard beauty queen. With five eyes and six legs, she isn’t going to bring world peace or save the whales, but the winner of the annual bee beauty pageant held at the Israeli boutique honey farm Dvorat … Continue reading

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Thousands of bees killed by ‘morons’

Anti-freeze spraying vandals have been branded morons after killing thousands of bees in three strikes against the same hive in Torquay. Fledgling beekeeper Mieko Mitchell has been devastated by the hat-trick of callous attacks on her newly-established colony at a … Continue reading

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More Varroa Mites found in the Hilo Area

More varroa mites were detected in a wild beehive area near the Hilo airport over the weekend. Read More

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Apples and pears at risk in UK

British apples and pears are under threat because of a dramatic decline in honeybee numbers, experts have warned. Read More

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An Energy Shake for Honeybees (press release)

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been linked to the 40-60 percent decline in America ‘s honeybee populations whose pollination is valued at $15 billion annually to U.S. agriculture. Researchers at SAFE R&D, LLC, are trying a new approach to this … Continue reading

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