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Soil Association urges ban on pesticides in UK

The Soil Association has urged the government to ban pesticides linked to honeybee deaths around the world. Read More

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Bees Can Mediate Escape Of Genetically Engineered Material Over Several Kilometers

A study by scientists from the Nairobi-headquartered international research centre icipe, in collaboration with the French Institut de Recherche pour le D√ɬ©veloppement (IRD) has established that bees have the potential to mediate the escape of transgenes (genetically engineered material) from … Continue reading

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Bees Can Count

Honeybees are clever little creatures. They can form abstract concepts, such as symmetry versus asymmetry, and they use symbolic language – the celebrated waggle dance – to direct their hivemates to flower patches. New reports suggest that they can also … Continue reading

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Asian honeybee fight continues in Queensland

The Queensland Government hasn’t given up hope of getting rid of Asian honeybees in Far North Queensland. Read More

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MAF concedes varroa have won the battle

All movement controls designed to prevent the spread of varroa were revoked by MAF Biosecurity New Zealand (MAFBNZ) this week after incursion of the pest throughout the island became inevitable. Read More

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Honeybees caught in mosquito crossfire

Both chief entomologist with the Air Force spray flight Maj. Mark Breidenbaugh and Iberia Parish Mosquito Control Director Herff Jones say there is a fine line trying to target disease-carrying insects and avoid beneficial ones. The difficulty is compounded by … Continue reading

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Varroa movement controls to be revoked in NZ

Movement controls associated with varroa bee mite are being revoked tomorrow. Read More

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Israelis discover cure for bee ccd-associated virus

An Israeli-US company Beeologics is taking rapid measures to bring to market a proprietary anti-viral agent that promises to alleviate the effects of the virus strongly associated with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), with full-scale FDA trials commencing next month. Read … Continue reading

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Beekeeper group pushes for new varroa control line in NZ

The National Beekeepers’ Association wants the South Island’s varroa control line to be moved further south, now that a widespread infestation has been confirmed outside the current control area. Read More

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Researches use bee venom to study hypertension

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have modified a honeybee venom toxin so that it can be used as a tool to study the inner workings of ion channels that control heart rate and the recycling of … Continue reading

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