West Nile virus is down but not out, health officials caution

The West Nile virus may be less threatening this summer thanks to cooler weather and lots of rain.


Local beekeepers say they plan to learn more about the effect of insecticides on pollinators.

“If mosquito spraying is killing honeybees and pollinators in general, we don’t like that and nobody should like that,” said John Timmons, vice president of the Eastern Missouri Beekeeping Association.

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One Response to West Nile virus is down but not out, health officials caution

  1. Spraying is less crucial now that a reliable treatment for WNV seems to exist.

    GenoMed, a genomics-based Disease Management company in St. Louis, has had encouraging results treating West Nile virus encephalitis since 2003.

    We’ve had 82% treatment success rate in people (23 of 28 improved), 75% in horses (6 of 8 survived), and 50% in birds (6 of 12 survived). Our first 8 human WNV patients were published in a peer-reviewed medical journal in 2004 (1). This is sufficient for our treatment to officially exist in both the medical and legal senses, regardless of what the CDC does (or doesn’t) say.

    We’ve seen that the earlier the treatment is begun, the better the outcome, so public education is absolutely critical—literally, the difference between life and death.

    Anybody who wants to download our WNV trial protocol can do so for free at any time by clicking on the “West Nile trial” link on our company’s homepage at http://www.genomed.com.

    Dave Moskowitz MD
    CEO & Chief Medical Officer
    GenoMed, Inc. (Ticker symbol GMED on OTC Pink Sheets)
    “The public health company™”

    1. Moskowitz DW, Johnson FE. The central role of angiotensin I-converting enzyme in vertebrate pathophysiology. Curr Top Med Chem. 2004;4(13):1433-54. PMID: 15379656 (For PDF file, click on paper #6 at: http://www.genomed.com/index.cfm?action=investor&drill=publications)