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Healthy Honey Bees Is Goal of Multi-Institutional Research Team

Greg Hunt, a Purdue apicultural researcher and geneticist, is collaborating with 19 scientists from around the country to launch an in-depth study of bees’ behavior, lives, illnesses and deaths to define the syndrome known as colony collapse disorder (CCD). The … Continue reading

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Bee research in Australia receives a $2.5 million buzz at QBI

The Queensland Minister for Tourism Regional Development and Industry, Desley Boyle today opened The University of Queensland’s new $2.5 million “All Weather Bee Flight Facility” at the Queensland Brain Institute. Read More

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2nd International Beekeeping Congress kicks off

The 2nd International Beekeeping Congress began today, August 19th 2008, for a period of three days. Held in Bhutan at the Taj Tashi Hotel in Thimphu, the Congress is jointly organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Century Foundation, India. … Continue reading

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Bees spark brain research buzz

Ever wondered what goes on inside a bee’s brain? Well, the buzz is some Queensland scientists are going to try to find out. Because they believe the honeybee could hold secrets to treating diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke and depression. … Continue reading

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Russian beeswax inspires exhibition

Geophysical engineer Jale KuÅŸhan, who admired bee wax statue exhibition that she visited in Russia, learned that Turkey did not have a bee wax museum and decided to open the same exhibiton in the country. She spent all her money … Continue reading

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Africanized honeybees found in Winn Parish

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain, D.V.M. said the August 11 confirmation of Africanized honeybees in Winn Parish was not unexpected. “We had already moved our trap line twenty or so miles east of Winn Parish after Africanized honeybees … Continue reading

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Honey Bees Suffer From Pesticide Buildup

Honey bees industriously bring pollen and nectar to the hive, but along with the bounty comes a wide variety of pesticides, according to Penn State researchers. Add the outside assault to the pesticides already in the waxy structure of the … Continue reading

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Is the Agency Hiding Colony Collapse Disorder Information?

The Natural Resources Defense Council filed a lawsuit today to uncover critical information that the US government is withholding about the risks posed by pesticides to honey bees. Read More

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No mites in Asian honey bees in Australia

No varroa mites or other exotic bee mites have been found in samples from an Asian honey nest and swarm recently found south of Cairns. Qld Department of Primary Industries regional project officer Ian Rodger welcomed the news that test … Continue reading

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Killer bees remain in Florida — for now

More than a year ago, Africanized honeybees, also known as killer bees, were expected to migrate from Florida to the Augusta area by this summer. However, the ill-tempered insects have been content to remain in the Sunshine State. Read More

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