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A Pesticide Alternative That Should Help Save Bees

Pam G.Marrone, Ph.D reports on the development of a new “green” pesticide obtained from an extract of a knotweed plant, at the recent American Chemical Society meeting in Philadelphia. “The product is safe to humans, animals, and the environment,” says … Continue reading

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German Coalition Sues Bayer Over Pesticide Honey Bee Deaths

The German organization Coalition against Bayer Dangers today brought legal action against Werner Wenning, chairman of the Bayer AG Board of Management, by filing a charge against him with the public prosecutor in Freiburg. Read More

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Tired of rustling, herders turn to beekeeping

Cattle rustlers may not fear the guns of home guards who try to repel them, but they may be wary of bee stings. Read More

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Uganda to host first Africa honey show

Uganda is to host the first honey exhibition in Africa to raise awareness about investment opportunities in honey trade. Read More

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The bees of peace

Therese Abalo wanted to join the Peace Corps. But, they politely said thanks, but no thanks — she lacked experience and didn’t have a college degree. (…) Abalo said they told her if she got experience in some sector agriculture … Continue reading

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Cold, rain limit Alaska honey production

As the days get shorter, something’s missing when Cranston peers at the frames that house her colonies: honey. “It’s the saddest year ever,” she said. Read More

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Bee-killing varroa mites spread beyond Oahu, Hawaii

State inspectors have found four varroa mites on bees that were trapped in Hilo Harbor — the first time the bee-killing insects have been found outside O’ahu. Read More

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Bees Swarm Over Man, But He Is Not Stung

A swarm of honey bees created chaos outside a convenience store at the intersection of the 107 Cutoff and Jones Bridge Road late Thursday afternoon. (…) “The man was putting brake fluid in his car when the bees just covered … Continue reading

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Bid to save Welsh bees stung by summer washout

WALES’ ailing honeybee population is being given artificial insemination after a second successive washout summer which has seen numbers fall to dangerously low levels. Read More

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Swamp-fire smoke may have lowered bees’ honey production

Smoke from the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge hung over Joe Taylor’s hives and many others in Hampton Roads for weeks this spring and summer. Taylor and others think that could have kept the insects inside when they otherwise … Continue reading

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