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Uganda: Calliandra Tree Boosts Honey Production

A common exotic tree species introduced in the country about two decades ago as fodder for animals, has been found to have high nectar content. Read More

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Beehives could send woman to jail

A Denver woman said it is unfair city officials ordered her to remove three beehives from her backyard or face a $999 fine and a possible year behind bars. Read More

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Bee Propolis: Nature’s Healing Balm With Immune Boosting Properties

Bee propolis is a remarkable natural substance collected and produced by honeybees. It is often referred to as a natural antibiotic and has many diverse uses. Read More

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Bee species outnumber mammals and birds combined

Scientists have discovered that there are more bee species than previously thought. In the first global accounting of bee species in over a hundred years, John S. Ascher, a research scientist in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at the American … Continue reading

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Bees’ right side may learn faster

Experiments conducted by UNE’s Emeritus Professor Lesley Rogers and Professor Giorgio Vallortigara from the University of Trento, Italy, have revealed an impressive complexity in the way bees store and retrieve their memories of odours. Read More

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Honey industry stung by traces of antibiotics, lead

India’s flourishing honey industry, based primarily in Punjab, has pressed the panic button after over 90 per cent of export samples were found contaminated with residues of antibiotics and lead. Read More

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Washington State U, Bee Industry Fund Bee Colony Collapse Research

Washington State University scientists and Pacific Northwest beekeepers are joining forces to discover what is causing the mysterious colony collapse disorder wiping out thousands of hives throughout the region in recent years. Read More

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Pesticides killing bees in Kumaon, India

It is a potential source of foreign exchange. Apis dorsata, a wild variety of bee found in the mid hills of Kumaon and the only producer of organic honey in the region is now getting wiped out fast, thanks to … Continue reading

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Honey replaces marmalade on British breakfast table

Honey has replaced marmalade on the nation’s breakfast table after health gurus labelled the ancient taste a superfood. Read More

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Altruism in social insects is a family affair

The contentious debate about why insects evolved to put the interests of the colony over the individual has been re-ignited by new research from the University of Leeds, showing that they do so to increase the chances that their genes … Continue reading

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